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Name & surname
I am interested in:
Recreational boat
Work boat
Do i own a boat?
Yes from 2 to 4 meters
Yes from 4 to 6 meters
Yes from 6 to 8 meters
Yes from 8 to 10 meters
Yes 10+ meters
I am interested in:
6.60m Fishing
6.60m Cruiser
8.98m Fishing
8.98m Cruiser
9.98m Cruiser
11.90m Sportfishing
13.90m Cruiser
13.90m Sportfishing
In a boat i care more for:
Smooth cruise
Inner accomodation
Deck space
Buying cost
Type of propulsion i prefer:
Inboard - Shaft
Inboard - Sterndrive
Inboard - Jetdrive
Is anything more i would like to see from Kreta Mare?
From where i heard about Kreta Mare?
Personal experience
From a friend
From a magazine
Internet search
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